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“Melissa Tubb’s work captures the beauty, majesty and complexity of the precious architectural subjects she so brilliantly brings to life. Her work is marked by the interplay of light and shadow which evokes in the viewer a sense of awe and wonder. She sees beyond the buildings and into the heart and intent of each subject she draws.

The scope of her work is vast, from seemingly simple ornaments to large scale detailed drawings where every stroke is a magnificent statement and nod to history, preservation, and a revelation of the beauty of the architecture and statues that surround us. Her work stops us and beckons us to take just a moment and see the unseen details around us- which brings back our sight to the stately elegance of our surroundings.”

                                                  --Michelle Pelsue, Los Angeles, CA
                                                      Arts & Entertainment                                                                                  Ministries





"We appreciate your work and amazing artistic talent! Thank you for sharing it with all of us--a beautiful and divine gift."

                                                --Sheri McKean, Montgomery, AL


"Sitting here staring at your work, it is as though I'm waiting to hear laughter and conversation on the front porch."

                                                --Michael Howell, Montgomery, AL


"This gift from my son, Blake, and his wife, Laura, might just be the best material gift I have ever received. The commission was a complete surprise, and I was overwhelmed. When I saw it, I was more than overwhelmed--every time I look at it, I smile. Like all great art, it captures something unique about the subject

(Bennett) that cannot be described in words. Melissa, your talent and your spirit shine brightly in all your work. Thank you."
                                                            --Sandy Fellows, Atlanta, GA

"She seems to find a unique perspective...each drawing seems to come to life."
                                            --W.K. Upchurch III, Montgomery, AL


"Often during the day, I return to my childhood home. I approach it from my favorite angle by way of its curving driveway that ends aside three graceful arched windows bringing light into the sun porch. I approach by the side of a grandfatherly oak tree, majestically standing.


Melissa Tubbs makes this daily journey possible.


As soon as I asked her to draw the home my siblings and I soon would be selling, Melissa began asking me what I hoped to be preserved in an ink drawing she would render. It's as though she listened into her hands.


Melissa's drawing jumps off the page and into a mind of memories. It's warmth of light and the shadows formed when that light is filtered through trees is astounding. It offers the chance to stand again in that place and to appreciate fully the moments spent inside a grand, old friend. Thanks to Melissa's exquisite drawing of fine, simultaneously strong and sensitive lines, of contrasts that form texture and depth, I'll forever feel--no matter how far away--I'm driving up the driveway, home."
                                                       --Jan Weil, New York City, NY


“Melissa is a total professional, communicates really well and was prepared to work with me every step of the way to create my album cover. I was thrilled with her work and would not hesitate to recommend her.”
                                              --Ben deHoedt, Melbourne, Australia


Michelle Pelsue

"I love working with you on commissions because you get so excited about what you do. Your passion for each project gives me as much joy as the finished work."

                                                   --P. Swan, Alabama


"You're drawings are jewel-like treasures!" --M. Davis, Alabama


When I commissioned Melissa to create a drawing of our lake home, I had no idea how it would turn out. It is awesome! It looks like you could just step into the picture and you’d be there. It was a birthday gift for my wife, Ann. When she unwrapped it she was extremely pleased.”
                                                   --John Albritton, Montgomery, AL


"I borrowed on the equity in my home so that I could own a Melissa B. Tubbs pen-and-ink drawing!"
                                                                       --C., Alabama


“Your drawing allows me to fill in the memories when I look at it. It allows the “viewer” to fill in the rest of the senses. It’s much more personal than a photograph.”
                                                                   --T. Campbell, Alabama


"Long a fan of her and her remarkable pen and ink work, I commissioned Melissa to create portraits of three of my Schnauzers. (My ‘girls’ are like my children – just ask my grown human children!) I took photographs of my Schnauzers and sent them to Melissa along with descriptions of each – their temperaments, personalities, etc. I knew Melissa would precisely represent my pets through her amazing capacity to capture the likeness of anything she draws.
When Melissa brought me the three portraits, I was awestruck! These were my Schnauzers – as expected, their physical likenesses were beautiful and exact to every detail. What stunned me is that Melissa captured also their essence, their hearts and souls! 
My girls are no longer living – except in my loving memories and in Melissa’s remarkable portraits. This sounds so dramatic, I know, but it is true. These portraits are invaluable to me and hang in my foyer. They evoke the sweetest memories for me and make me smile…..What a gift Melissa has given me."
                                                               --Eve Loeb, Montgomery, AL

"We are in awe of the vision and talent you displayed in executing the drawing of our home. Your skill in capturing its graceful beauty, as well as its distinctive detailing, leaves us speechless. Despite its “youth,” this drawing is now a part of our valued heritage.

Moreover, this drawing evokes all kinds of gratifying sentiments: It makes us proud to be partial stewards of this aged and classic structure; it reminds us of our very good fortune to live in so admired a building; it comforts us with awareness of the rich lives of many residents who preceded us and it prompts recollection of the countless memorable times we have enjoyed in this home with family and friends.

Your skill is truly amazing to elicit all that in a drawing of our home, but it does. Many thanks."
                                                   --Steve Brickley, Montgomery, AL


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